MAY 09, 2021

Name: Nan Jefferys

Friend Since: 2020

Occupation: Founder and Principal, Jefferys Consultants in Healthcare Philanthropy

Residence: Lexington MA

Why do you like libraries?

They feel so safe. I love being surrounded by all that knowledge in one place. It’s like, if humanity can create libraries, maybe we’ll all be OK.

Why do you like Edgartown Public Library in particular?

I like working from there. It is beautiful, spacious, and quiet. A great place to do some serious thinking and writing.

Why did you decide to become a “Friend”?

I saw the brochure at the main desk one day describing the Friends as a bunch of people who make charitable gifts to the Library to support its considerably broad and relevant programing. Making a gift was a no-brainer. Why did I need to be asked?

Is there anything more that you’d like to see the Library add to its programming?

It’s already extensive. But I would like to see more stuff that would support things like the 1619 Project and help to create a deeper dialogue around issues of race in America.

If the Library could host any author past or present for a talk, whom would you have them choose, and why?

Lillian Hellman. As a young woman and young feminist, she was one of my great heroes. She was a woman of letters who had achieved critical and commercial success in an era when writing/playwriting was more of an old boys’ club. She was like the writer’s version of Georgia O’Keefe. Also, I took a long walk with her once along Zacks’ Cliff back in the day. I pretended not to know who she was, and she pretended not to know that I knew who she was. We talked about time and tides. And bluefish. It was wonderful.

What is the first thing you will do once the pandemic is over and it is safe to resume normal life?

Swim! I’m a life-long, year-round lap swimmer, and because of the pandemic I’ve been outside of a pool -most unhappily- for the longest stretch in my life. Hug people, probably indiscriminately. And make a long overdue visit to the Vineyard, and the Edgartown Public Library!



Ink on paper, 1967, by W. McTammany.
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